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  • E-Procurement and your bottom line

    The technological upheaval of the printing industry over the past 25 years embraces pre-press, digital prmtmg, computer-to-plate, computer-topress and work flow management. But there is one crucial area that has lagged behind – how printing is sold and how printers serve their clients. E-commerce is changing the world of business. Yet the percentage of printers … Read more →

  • More on letting go

    I spent the past two weeks in Costa Rica, a beautiful country with warm, gracious people. It also has some of the best surfing beaches in the world. Growing up on the East Coast where the water seldom lets go of its icy grip, surfing was fantasized through the music’ of the Beach Boys. So … Read more →

  • Last minute tax preparation reminders

    Many individuals wait until the last couple weeks of April to file their income tax return and this year will probably be no different. The following is a checklist of some last minute reminders that individuals should be aware of when preparing their 2004 individual income tax return: The deadline to file your 2004 individual … Read more →

  • Note from the publisher – April 2005

    Spring is finally in the air and along with it comes a sense of optimism that our industry is starting to pick up once again. As is usual, the year started slow but is gaining momentum with each passing day. The ‘Jetsgo pricing philosophy’ of competing on price continues to invade our industry, with printers … Read more →

  • Winning at business with your marketing plan

    Marketing without an integrated strategy is like playing poker, tennis or football without knowing the rules, keeping score or having a game plan. You could put in a lot of time, energy, and capital, and still end up losing the game. Has this happened to you? Winning at business is the same as any other … Read more →

  • Qualifying—the critical skill

    For most business people, selling is not usually a favorite task. Salespeople are often viewed as greedy, unethical and unscrupulousdetermined to close a sale at any cost. But a business cannot survive without generating sales so selling skills become a critical competency. Selling is an honorable profession and anyone who operates a business should learn … Read more →

  • By who’s values

    Competition knows no greater intensity than on the ice, the links or court. It’s perhaps a personal counter to what we do In business: equivocate. Successful, differentiated selling requires knowledge-supremacy over competitors. Merely meeting competition on some dimension like price is inferior to proposjng a value proposition that pushes the player past break even into … Read more →

  • Monitoring peformance

    Most companies carry out a performance appraisal program because it is a standard business practice and expected by most employees. In larger companies the process can be very detailed and time consuming. In smaller companies it is usually informal and without factual data to back it up Performance appraisals are often poorly performed leading to … Read more →

  • Benefits of outsourcing

    As a business strategy,outsourcing has become accepted as a viable way to improve a company’s productivity at reduced cost. It is often leveraged so the businesses can invest their energies on their core activities by outsourcing the rest. In other words, businesses typically outsource non-revenueproducing support services that are not a core activity of the … Read more →

  • Want to buy a business? Be prepared with a plan!

    We receive more than 3,000 buyer inquiries per year from people who want to buy a business! Most of these prospective purchasers will tell us something like “I’m not sure what I want, but I’ ll know it when I see it.” The reality is, they have no clear understanding of what to buy, when … Read more →

  • New print opportunities for print & sign shops

    Not long ago, signs were hand painted using one-shot enamels until vinyl cutters cut into the market. Things have drastically changed over the last number of years with the advent of digital printing. Smart entrepreneurs have made new investments into digital output devices of all sorts from high speed copiers to large format printers and … Read more →

  • Live simply

    Live simply Dale Carnegie said that: “One of the most tragic things that I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that at blooming outside our window today.” Too many of … Read more →

  • Review of Proofmaster RIPs

    Deciding what RIP software to utilize can be a difficult decision when you consider there are over 40 RIPs available and within the 40 there are a variety of market segments. Finding one RIP that can do it all can be challenging. For many digital imaging users there is the need to print full gamut … Read more →

  • The new world of printing

    There are two schools of thought that must be reconciled if we hope to respond to the changing needs of clients and maxImIze document effectiveness. Welcome to the new world of printing. Think “consulting” not “inkon -paper production” , and think document “effectiveness” not “cost per page.” This means we have to be more proactive … Read more →

  • Using ‘curves’ in Photoshop a snap

    One of the more powerful uses of Photoshop is making adjustments to the images. As the program has advanced, many features have been added to simplifY the task. The use of “Curves” may seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at a simple but effective adjustment you can make. Before … Read more →

  • CTP – it’s about time

    During the past decade, thousands of printers have successfully and profitably adopted computer-to-plate. Initially viewed as an “unproven”, expensive and confusing technology, requiring both substantial investment and infrastructure, CTP has not only matured but has become an essential requirement for most printers to stay competitive. The print industry has seen more colour jobs, shorter runs, … Read more →