Introductions for 2014

We are in month two of a brand new year. How are those resolutions going? Still holding on? This issue is full of great ideas for those of you looking to polish up their sales and marketing skills and strategies. We also have some great technology articles to appeal to your inner geek. First, we … Read more →

View from the publisher – Feb 2014

A belated happy new year to everyone. I hope the crippling January ice storm and the brutally cold weather we’re experiencing as I’m writing this, won’t dampen your enthusiasm. There’s a lot going on at Graphic Arts Magazine. To further help your bottom line, we’ve decided to run more features on the “business of printing” … Read more →

In-house vs. outside prepress for packaging

For years, the traditional view in the packaging printing business has been to outsource prepress work and plates to a third party. From the days of paste-up and artboards, flexo printers have relied on prepress companies to deliver one of the three principal components of the manufacturing process (the others being press work and finishing). … Read more →

Five ways to calculate your marketing budget

How much should a company spend on marketing? Well, there are several answers – all of which can be summed up in two words: “It depends.” Here are five proven options that you should consider. 1. Percentage of gross revenue This is the traditional way to calculate a marketing budget. Both SCORE (Counselors to America’s … Read more →

Choosing layout and design software

Are your designers eager for an upgrade? Does your workflow need a better cross-platform publishing solution? Could your newsletter use some flare? This article discusses key considerations to keep in mind when picking or upgrading layout and design software. Basic need to know Although it could be argued that the market for layout and design … Read more →

Getting government funds for your R & D

Let’s begin with a discussion of the largest source of funding help for industry in Canada – the approximately $6 billion that the federal government returns to businesses every year via the Scientific Research & Experimental Development Program (SR&ED). This program has been described as the most important way that the federal government can support … Read more →

Sales transparency: is it good or bad?

“I can see right through you,” said the buyer to the salesperson. “I know exactly what you’re trying to do!” Question: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think it’s a very good thing. I believe that the best selling is highly transparent – no tricks, no games and no subterfuge. Great … Read more →