Spring challenge

While it may or may not feel (or look) like it in Toronto, spring is finally here. Hopefully by the time you read this we are well above that dreaded zero degrees, because as I write there is still snow on the ground. To me springtime feels like a fresh start. Whether it’s because the … Read more →

View from the publisher – April 2014

Tony Karg, a respected and proactive printing industry leader, left his position as Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing for Fujifilm Canada’s Graphic Systems Division as of March 31. I echo Jeff Ekstein’s comments that he’ll be sorely missed. Tony joined Fujifilm in 1996 and has held key positions with the Japanese-based company in … Read more →

One of those days

I had one of those days yesterday, when no one I wanted to talk to was available to talk to me. I was very frustrated by the end of the day, but probably not for the reason you think. It wasn’t because I ended up leaving voice mail messages for most of those people and … Read more →

Funding help for your business expansion

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but don’t have the finances available to do so? Perhaps you should consider the Canada Small Business Financing Program. The Canada Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small businesses to obtain loans from financial institutions because the government shares the risk. If … Read more →

The smallest printing company

The Smallest Printing Company is an adorably tiny and fully-functional travelling printing house. Letterproeftuin, a Dutch open source design studio, has created this remarkable little pressroom for the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013. The project encompasses two printing technologies, including a mini etching press and an itty-bitty silk screening station. The etching … Read more →

For the Record – Ron Schroder

For those of you on the flexographic side of printing, Ron Schroder needs no introduction. He has been working in the industry for just about four decades! His career includes many years working in flexographic prepress supply as well as more recently in the sales of flexographic printing presses and related equipment. He is an … Read more →

Customer service – what happened?

Is it just me, or are all of you becoming increasingly annoyed, upset or just bloody mad by poor customer service in Canada? When you experience poor service and you leave an establishment or get off the telephone, do you silently say, “Thank God that experience is over!” Is it just me? I don’t think … Read more →

Illustration today

What encapsulates digital illustration is ever expanding. The term ‘illustration’ can be somewhat misleading. While your first thought might consider it to involve creative rendering, such as cartooning or painting, there are a number of functional and interactive applications that make use of the process too. This article explores how digital illustration software is inherent … Read more →