Social media analysis

Posts, shares, mentions, hashtags, retweets, likes… these types of digital social interactions are abundant. With all of the social media outlets out there, the amount of content generated daily can be daunting, especially to a business just starting to engage in the social sphere. Fortunately, a number of services have been developed to aggregate, report, … Read more →

The CPIA Revitalized

The Canadian Printing Industries Association was formed by industry leaders more than 75 years ago. Since that time, the CPIA has proudly represented printers and industry participants to government, ensuring that we are heard and considered in light of legislation and advocacy. Throughout the years, the CPIA has also served as an important resource for … Read more →

Lush Offerings

Lush is a natural cosmetics company that was born in the UK in 1995. They are well known for their strong stance on ethical and environmental matters, as well as their use of high quality ingredients in their handmade products. What you may not be aware of, however, is that Lush takes an innovative approach … Read more →

Spotlight on Proofing

Contract proofing has come a long way. We have moved from analog systems to inkjet printers and the majority of today’s software RIPs have matured to a point where it’s a much simpler wizard-based process to create a new paper calibration and profile. Canon has entered the arena with a new printer called the iPF6450 … Read more →

Exporting in your future?

I recently had a very interesting discussion with an Export Development Canada (EDC) representative about the program. I didn’t think it was a topic for my funding help column as I thought everyone was familiar with EDC. So, I did a quick survey of a few senior-level business people and found out how wrong I … Read more →

What happened to loyalty?

“I can’t believe this,” the printer said. “We’ve bent over backwards for these people for years, and they go with someone else over a $10 price difference! What ever happened to loyalty? What happened to keeping your business with the printer who earned it?” These are good questions. But they raise a few more good … Read more →

The makers

Have you ever thought of your business in terms of products? I am doing some interesting reading about the current digital revolution in manufacturing, and it struck me that printing is usually supplementary to a product as opposed to being a product itself. There are many types of printing that are thought of as the … Read more →

View from the publisher – Sep 2014

I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful summer, despite some ridiculously cool weather at times. Hopefully you had a chance to spend time with your family and loved ones, and get a little R & R to recharge. September usually signals tradeshows – and this month is no exception. So what’s new at Graph … Read more →

Six strategies for a successful tradeshow

Most people have a love/hate relationship with tradeshows. On one hand, it may be important to participate to build market awareness, or perhaps you are an established brand and can’t afford not to be seen. Regardless of the reason, here are my six tips, collected over 20 years of attending shows as either a delegate … Read more →