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  • The State of Digital Proofing

    First and foremost, in spite of some negative experiences in the past, inkjet printers are a viable option for contract proofing. In fact, it’s estimated that in less than five years as much as 90% of proofing will be done on inkjets. The biggest selling points for inkjet proofs are the costs, faster turnarounds, fewer … Read more →

  • Automating Tasks in Photoshop

    At the bottom of the Actions Pallet are the controls to play a selected Action. You can start to record, stop, play an action, create a new set or delete an Action. Like most of the pallets in Photoshop, there is a triangle at the top right of the pallet, where you can access the … Read more →

  • The Power of Planning

    It is one thing to set a target for yourself, it is quite another to plan how you will achieve it. When I establish my annual goals, I ask myself, “How will I accomplish these goals”? This forces me to plan the tactics, strategies and actions I need to take to achieve my targets. For … Read more →

  • Top Picks of Print Ontario 2004

    Canon 8.2-Mega Pixel EOS 20D Digital SLR camera Designed for advanced amateurs, photojournalists, wedding photographers and print professionals, Canon’s new 8.2-Mega Pixel EOS 20D Digital SLR camera combines speed, image quality, ease-of-use and ruggedness in a compact size to deliver the highest performance in its class. It is the first mid-range digital SLR to offer … Read more →

  • Creating Sales Conversations

    Bob called me with just this problem. His company manufactures creative, attractive and safe playgrounds. Lately, sales have been flat, at best, and despite having an outstanding product, his company isn’t generating as many sales as he’d like. Bob wanted to know how to start more conversations so he can jump start sales. Want more … Read more →

  • How to Become a Star at Work

    These are not the simple musings of yet another professional thinker spouting hackneyed euphemisms in the hope that one day someone will take note. These are the hard, cold facts of life – and they have been so for hundreds of years. And to deny them and continue living a life of complacency is to … Read more →

  • Breaking Bad Habits and Forming Good Ones

    It all depends on the habit. And I define a habit as something we do automatically with little, if any, forethought. Something devoid of conscious choice. It could be smoking, drinking, excessive eating, chewing gum, twisting paperclips as we listen, saying “you know” every few words, drinking coffee every half hour. Or it could be … Read more →

  • Tax-wise Retirement Planning

    Consider the following example. Say you invest $10,000 in an RSP. If you are a high-income earner, this is roughly equivalent to a $5,000 investment outside of an RSP, due to the tax deduction you receive. After 10 years, your RSP will have grown to $21,589 from $10,000, assuming an 8% annual interest rate of … Read more →

  • Managing Staff and Technology

    Build a learning organization “From the start, I had conceptualized the ideal of a learning organization. I wanted to develop employees’ skills and include the ability to constantly learn,” says Ian. “In particular, I had seen a lot of film houses where desktop operators were secretive about their knowledge to protect their positions and get … Read more →

  • Are You an Entrepreneur?

    As a business intermediary, (a specialist in the sale of privately owned businesses) I frequently encounter buyers, caught up in the myth of a business ownership, who haven’t taken a hard look at the realities. And sometimes the sellers have learned those realities the hard way. At our company, we say that to be successful, … Read more →

  • Ergonomics in the Workspace

    Professionals who spend an extensive amount of time in front of computers are at high risk for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).   These musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, lower back pain and tension headaches, cause employees to miss workdays and potentially increase Workplace Safety & Insurance Board   (WSIB) claims. The first step … Read more →

  • The Future of Your Cell Phone

    Cell phones express individuality. Consider the growth of ring tones, those tiny song recordings programmed into millions of cell phones around the world. They were first popularized by tech-savvy teens in the late 1990s who replaced the standard ring with a few bars from a favorite tune. Mobile phone companies began selling ring tones as … Read more →

  • View From The Publisher – February 05

    I'd like to wish all of our readers a belated Happy New Year. This issue is the start of our 8th year of publishing The Graphic Arts Magazine. We are very positive about the future of our industry and our role in it. We welcome your feedback. Last week I attended the funeral of Hugh … Read more →