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  • View From The Publisher

    Welcome to the summer of 2004! It’s already had its moments of excitement with the federal election, the intense soccer competition for the European Cup and the momentum that’s building for the Olympic Games in Athens. The results of the recent federal election have changed the political landscape of Canada. With a minority Liberal government, … Read more →

  • Business Succession Strategies

    The key to a successful transfer depends on the recruitment of skilled outside advisors, such as a lawyer, accountant and estate planner. And with the general aging of the Canadian population – the first baby boomers are approaching 60 years old – more family businesses will be passed on during the next two decades than … Read more →

  • Go Forth and Diversify

    The bank would likely have a backup system, so a single server malfunction wouldn’t be enough to bring the bank to its technological knees. I suspect that this was a coordinated attack by one or several disgruntled insiders who could have crashed the system with a can of coke! That’s right, they could have spilled … Read more →

  • Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget

    Referrals This marketing strategy places a close second in preferred methods of generating new business leads. The key here is to develop a systematic approach to ensure that you take a proactive approach instead of a passive one. Rather than assuming that a satisfied client will refer someone to you, ask for that referral. Tell … Read more →

  • Computer to Plate Proofing

    Digital proofing considerations There are some basic considerations to consider before deciding on which proofing device to buy as a part of your direct to plate workflow. The first question to ask is whether you really need to obtain the exact same halftone screen dot on the proof as in the final print. In the … Read more →

  • Keeping Customers When Things Go Wrong

    On the other hand, by applying just a few critical people skills, front line employees can create such positive feelings – for both themselves and their customers, that an upset customer will become even more loyal. They’ll be transformed from being a critic to becoming an advocate. Here are five key strategies: 1. Focus on … Read more →

  • How To Write Effective Promotional Material

    Even if the product or service is new, there should be plenty of paperwork you can refer to. No new product just appears. There are memos, business plans, marketing plans and proposals that were used to get to the launch pad. Mine them for information you can use in the copy.   By getting all … Read more →

  • How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues and Jump Start Your Week

    Set Weekly Goals Goals offer hope to the hopeless and inspiration to the uninspired. Big, exciting goals give you a reason to get up in the morning and fuel your thoughts as you move through your day. People without life goals are like a leaf drifting in the fall wind, moving in whatever direction it … Read more →

  • Why Write a Business Plan?

    The product or service offering of the company. The competition, and their aggressiveness. Life expectancy of the product or services of the company. Technological changes pending within the business or industry. New products and services being contemplated for the future. Employee competency and retention. Competence of management. Challenges facing the company and their plan to … Read more →

  • SOS to all Involved in Graphics, Printing and Prepress

    Our industry is changing and those responsible for file preparation, colour correction and colour space conversions are often not the printer or the scanner operator but the graphic designer and digital photographer. Art directors, clients, prepress and printers are all frustrated due to the excess array of colour spaces, file formats, levels of sharpening, various … Read more →

  • Printlink Announcement

    PrintLink has built a trustworthy reputation by following a strong work ethic. They do not recruit candidates from existing employers but qualify candidates who contact the agency directly. Most candidates are actively employed and want to explore new opportunities discreetly – a situation that gives employers the benefit of accessing hard-to-reach, motivated employees. Company’s president … Read more →

  • Industry Profile – Ken Hartshorn

    Over the years, Houghton Boston has evolved into a specialized printer offering high quality book production to publishers in Western Canada and the Northwest United States. Their expertise and years of print excellence also includes corporate printing, magazines, catalogues and publications for the tourism, agriculture and educational sectors. The company also designs and manufactures a … Read more →

  • Denial? Or Hunkering Down?

    Denial is, of course, your first defense. You refuse to believe the inevitable and find a myriad of reasons to deny the impact of this invention. “People can’t read,” you say. “The market is too small and besides, the investment required is outrageous.” You retreat to the safety of your office. “This silliness will pass,” … Read more →