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  • View From The Publisher

    Once again Canadians are heading to the polls on June 28th. While we all have an opportunity to exercise our right to vote, only 61% voted in the last federal election. Some feel their vote will not matter however, you may recall that the last US presidential election was decided by a few thousand votes. … Read more →

  • How to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

    Services like sell one-time use of lists that they’ve built through opt in sign-ups. These lists are composed of people who’ve chosen to receive emails on selected topics. Therefore you are technically not spamming and there is an increased likelihood that recipients will read your email. However, just because people signed up for free … Read more →

  • The Thief Within

    We all steal. A little thievery is normal. Sometimes it’s just a matter of expediency. I got tired of waiting in line to pay for a nut and bolt at Home Depot, so I just walked out. It was only twenty-five cents but it was theft nevertheless. Am I going to lose sleep over it, … Read more →

  • Focus on Trade, Not Discounts

    Invest time gathering information about your prospective customer, their needs, situation and buying motives. The more information you have, the more prepared you will be to negotiate the sales process. Regardless of what you sell, information will help you negotiate more effectively. Many of my clients say that customers care only about price, but upon … Read more →

  • Report Drupa 2004

    Participants had a wide choice of industry seminars to attend included JDF, digital proofing, digital printing, large format printing, packaging production and UV technology. A noticeable difference between this and recent DRUPAs was the unusually solid optimism expressed by both European and Far Eastern suppliers. Only days before the opening of the 14-day show was … Read more →

  • Asking the Right Questions

    A good friend of mine, Danish Ahmed, recently shared his story with me. “I wanted to be independent. I couldn’t stand being blind and being at a visual disadvantage, so I did everything in my power to compensate for my disadvantages. I studied harder. I anticipated my challenges. For example, when I was thirteen I … Read more →

  • Digital Imaging Continues to Change

    Today, a handful of digital photographers are feeling they are losing control over their images when they supply RGB files. Their concern is that someone may inadvertently convert their images using incorrect profiles and /or not honour their embedded colour profiles when opening and converting their files. Personally, if I were sending files to be … Read more →

  • What is Due Diligence?

    As you can see from these numbers, very few transactions are completed and only one in four or five transactions were being completed after having an agreement in place. Further studies revealed that these companies, in which letters of intent had been agreed to, failed due diligence from the buyer’s perspective. So what is due … Read more →

  • Virginia is for Lovers – and Business!

    The sincerity of the state of Virginia was never in doubt when they put their money where their mouth is, to the tune of an estimated $4,000 in costs associated with getting me there. I thought, “Virginia is for Lovers” – having seen the phrase on TV for years. But it seems “Virginia loves Business” … Read more →

  • A Great Canadian Success Story

    Besides providing the biggest opportunity of the year to unwind from the pressures of the printing business, the event also promotes a feeling of comradeship that you have to experience personally to appreciate. The fluctuations of a golf game are much like the ups and downs of commerce, and our tournament’s fans have discovered the … Read more →

  • DIMA 2004 – 9th Annual Digital Printer Shoot-Out

    Here are the results of this years winners: DIMA Inkjet Printer Shoot-Out winners   – Larger than 72 inches wide category – MacDermid ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72s Gator   50 to 72 inches wide (Aqueous) category – Onyx ProductionHouse RIP (using the HP DesignJet 5500 UV/60) 50 to 72 inches wide (Solvent and UV) category – … Read more →

  • Cramming Our

    (Parenthetically, this is a critical point. Did you know that your brain is wired to always provide the answers to the questions you ask? For example, ask yourself the question, “Why is my business stuck in second gear?” Did you hear the answers yet? They may not be the truth but they are the ones … Read more →