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  • View From the Publisher – November 04

    I trust you are enjoying the continued re-design of   The Graphic Arts Magazine so it reflects the growing influence and maturity of our readers. As always, your feedback is encouraged and always welcome. Don’t forget to attend Print Ontario 2004, billed as “North America’s Largest Trade Show and Conference for the Not-So-Big Printer” November … Read more →

  • Turning Booth Visitors Into Leads

    No exhibit plan is complete unless some resources are allocated to ensuring that attendees put visiting your booth on their agenda. Reports show that nearly 76% of attendees have a pre-set agenda for their time at the show. Pre-show promotion plans can include: Paid advertising Often newspapers and magazines align themselves with a trade show … Read more →

  • The Value of Daily Conversations

    The primary block to us having necessary conversations at work is technology. While technology is a wonderful servant, in many instances it has become our master. Rather than walking down the hall to have a “belly to belly” conversation with a member of our team, we fire off an email. Rather than making the time … Read more →

  • Soft-Proofing – Part 2

    Offering your customers and an on-site monitor profiling service so that they can actually see what you will print can have long-term rewards. The customer feels they are calibrated to your specific press which creates a connection that is difficult to replicate. The components of a monitor profiling system A decent monitor is the first … Read more →

  • Printing Competition Across the Continents

    Editor’s note: This article is based on Mr. Mallardi’s presentation to the recent Graphic Arts Marketing Information Service and was rewritten with a Canadian context exclusively for Graphic Arts Magazine. It isn’t Canadian heritage when many of the country’s photographic art books, posters, calendars and packaging are not printed in Canada. This is painfully evident … Read more →

  • Short Run Digital Laser Printing

    The setup is really easy – under 20 minutes. Performance is where the 7750/DN shines. Rated at 35 ppm, it beats the competition right out of the gate. Output quality was good to excellent and the 7750 does noticeably better on photos printed at the recommended performance settings. The 7750 lives up to the color … Read more →

  • Simply Better

    In the real world, successful differentiation isn’t about unique selling propositions or “bells and whistles”. A good product will always stand out on the strength of attentive service, on-time delivery and consistently good levels of quality. Do the basics well. Attempting to be unique might be fun and even exciting, but it won’t automatically lead … Read more →

  • Invest in the Best

    Take computers as an example. Are you likely to buy a refurbished PowerMac 7500 with 32 meg of RAM for your business? Of course not! Although you can get the machine dirt cheap, you’d probably never consider economizing to that extent on a computer. Instead, you’d probably look for a G5 or G4 with 512 … Read more →

  • Creating a Marketable Business

    For instance, if I have a roller-making factory, someone else can come in to manufacture and sell those rollers just as well as I can. But if I am a graphic artist, a specialty photographer, or a consultant, it’s another story. My knowledge and skills aren’t transferable. This is what’s known as proprietary knowledge. Having … Read more →

  • Pre-Press Buzzword Secret Decoder

    To begin with, there are two basic image formats used in print: vector and raster (also called bitmap). The vector format is used for graphics and text, and is composed of lines and fills. Each element that makes up a vector image is made up of text instructions written in the PostScript language. PostScript allows … Read more →

  • Achieving the Dream of Early Retirement

    Retiring early means you’ll need to re-assess some of the assumptions of your current retirement savings plan. For example, if you belong to a company pension plan, how will it be affected? Depending on the specific plan, the pension payment to which you’re entitled could be significantly lower than you’d counted on. With less time … Read more →

  • Taking it Personally

    Rather than deal clearly with the situation and address the issue when I was presented with the invoice, I procrastinated and left feeling resentful and ripped off. Subsequently, I let others know of my discontent with his work and outlandish billing. Months later while attending a trade show I unexpectedly bumped into the graphic designer. … Read more →