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  • Work as a Platform for Personal Greatness

    If we choose to keep our eyes open at work, we will notice that every day personal resistances come up. Every time someone asks you to deal with a new process or embrace a new change, you have a choice: you can pay attention to your resistance or you can blame and point the finger. … Read more →

  • Entitlement – Stability or Curse?

    There will be, of course, companies both in and outside of the printing industry that will survive this current upheaval and be positioned for extraordinary prosperity. Post analysis of these businesses will reveal that they excelled in customer service and creative marketing, they embraced leading technologies while carrying a solid balance sheet and were highly … Read more →

  • 7 Steps to Powerful Sales

    1. Make the presentation relevant to your prospect A common mistake of sales people is using a generic presentation when discussing their product or service. They repeat the same presentation and hope that something will appeal to the prospective customer. Don’t make your potential customer sit through a “canned” PowerPoint presentation. Your sales presentation should … Read more →

  • Wide Format Scanners

    Originally designed for the blueprint market, these machines have become more sophisticated and cost-effective. In fact, with more precise roller mechanisms and high-quality CCD arrays and color management, these machines can scan and print existing large format graphics quickly, efficiently and profitably. Of course, we couldn’t possibly run all the specs we found, so the … Read more →

  • Navigating the People Side of Succession

    Additionally, did you know that personnel specialists could help you navigate the people side of succession? Far from being trivial considerations, the personalities, feelings and motivations of the people involved are important issues for successful succession planning and ongoing management. Like finances and legalities, they require expert handling to ensure optimum long-term results. A succession … Read more →

  • Cash Flow Management

    1) Re-evaluate your expenses . Businesses are constantly changing and shifting which prompts a necessary re-evaluation of the products and services you are using to operate your business. Where can you save money? Where can you invest more money so you can save time? For some people, this may mean canceling business expenses that were … Read more →

  • View From The Publisher – September 04

    Sometimes life has a way of presenting an almost inexplicable curve which seems so unfair. One such defining moment for me occurred during the 28th Olympic Games when Canadian Perdita Felicien’s dream of a gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles came crashing down on the first hurdle. At a news conference 21 hours after her … Read more →

  • Beating the Business Cycle

    Since 1790, the U.S. economy has experienced forty-six business cycles. Time and again people came to believe that business cycles had been banished, only to be surprised by a new recession. In the twentieth century alone, we’ve seen three periods hailed as ‘New Eras’. As remarkable as it may seem, every so often we fall … Read more →

  • Get the Best Price for Your Business

    Plan three to five years in advance . Though not always possible, taking the time to prepare a business for sale can add value well above the cost and effort expended. The amount of detail that needs to be dealt with is huge. Steps can be taken to increase the ability to sell your business, … Read more →

  • Submitting Digital Files for Reproduction

    Subsequently, I vowed never to assume anything and to ask as many questions as needed, to ensure I could, with the best of my ability, predict the outcome. File types: The decision to submit RGB or CMYK must be seriously considered. If you are new to digital capture then I recommend submitting RGB, with an … Read more →

  • Rethink Pink

    It’s not that women have just arrived in the marketplace. Research reveals that women already make 80% of all purchasing decisions, from the butter on the table to the car in the driveway. But more importantly, the growing power and influence of women can be seen in all aspects of our economy. Some of this … Read more →

  • Creating an Estate Plan

    A will is the cornerstone of any estate plan. If you don’t have one, the administration and distribution of your estate will be carried out according to the laws of the province you live in. When you make your will, it is helpful to work with a lawyer (or notary in Quebec) who has professional … Read more →