Muzzi to focus on what we can learn from Digital Disruptors at CAMP’s July 12 event

Frank Muzzi.
Frank Muzzi.

The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals’ (CAMP) next major event will be Wednesday, July 12 at 6:30 pm (EST) – and the topic will focus on those companies, methods and technologies that are genuine “disruptors.” While the market celebrates leading providers like Amazon, Facebook, Google and others as digital disruptors, it rarely recognizes traditional technology and service providers in the same way. Clearly, most traditional tech providers are not disruptive in the sense of driving fundamental changes in technology, markets or culture. But while some have disruptive potential, very few are recognized as such. With AWS, Google, Facebook and others bringing their disruptive “powers” to an enterprise, what can be learned from their efforts and those of other digital disruptors?

This will be the focus of keynote speaker Frank Muzzi, currently the Contact Centre and Digital Technology Executive at Genesys, the world’s #1 customer experience platform. He’s also a senior executive with outstanding leadership qualifications and over 15 years’ experience in the financial services, consulting, insurance, retail and call-centre industries. His background includes success in strategic IT planning, consulting resource management, technology evaluation and implementation, vendor management, disaster recovery programs, cost-reduction strategies, cost-versus-benefit analysis, budget control, electronic bill presentment, e-commerce, CRM and loyalty program implementations.

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