Vistaprint launches new monthly subscription box with personalized marketing products

U.S.-based Vistaprint, a major online supplier of printed and digital marketing materials for small business owners, recently launched a monthly subscription box service featuring products personalized for marketing individual businesses. Called Promobox, it contains three to five custom products specifically designed for each business owner. Before receiving their first box, customers complete a short survey about their design preferences and the nature of their business, upload a logo, then choose a colour scheme and font. Vistaprint designers then take this information to create a box of unique products each month, requiring no additional design work from the customer.

Kara Howard.
Kara Howard.

“Each of our customers is unique, so the way they market their business has to be unique too,” said Kara Howard, Vistaprint Senior Vice President of Global Merchandising. “The Promobox service is here to inspire small business owners with different ways to market themselves that they may not have previously considered.” The company added that it’s constantly listening to customer feedback in order to meet the needs of business owners. Customers have expressed concerns that, among their many roles as small business owners, maintaining brand visibility through marketing and graphic design can be a difficult task to sustain. “I’m not a marketing person, I’m not a graphic artist. I sell travel,” said Tonya Girouard, Owner of Arrange This Travel. “All of those items (in my Promobox delivery) were things that I’ve wanted to try. I just didn’t know how to put them together – and they did that.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.