The CMO Team and Foldfactory join forces to co-sponsor NA print industry executive marketing study

Cindy Woods.
Cindy Woods.

The CMO Team (Marietta, Georgia), a print industry thought leadership and marketing strategy company, and Foldfactory (Chanhassen, Minnesota), an innovator in folded formats for direct mail and marketing, have teamed up to co-sponsor a leading-edge North Amercian print industry executive research study. “To keep pace with the market, customer demands and growing trends, print companies continue to refine and change their product and service offerings and the way they go to market,” said the companies. “The purpose of this study is to gather valuable insights into the marketing best practices employed by the print and graphics communications industry. It will also examine evolving go-to-market strategies and identify which tactics are relied upon the most.” According to Cindy Woods, President of The CMO Team, “as the print industry evolves, marketing of print organizations is not keeping up with business potential and velocity. Our industry tends to lag behind when it comes to gaining marketing momentum within individual companies. While some knock their marketing out of the park with strategies that support their business and sales goals – and their profitability and growth reflect those efforts – others place minimal or misunderstood value on their marketing, and they initiate random marketing activities at best. I believe this study will help CEOs and marketing professionals in our industry understand more about marketing for print organizations in general, while also providing specific data on marketing budgets, platforms, activities and trends.”

Targeted participants will be print and marketing services provider company executives, including key leadership and marketing decision makers. The study will also provide anonymity for participants and their organizations. Each company that participates in the study will receive a summary of the results. “With increasing demand to market their evolving businesses in fresh and innovative ways, printing executives and their marketing staffs can benefit from participating in this study to gain and share insights in a professional, private forum,“ said Trish Witkowski, CEO of Foldfactory. “Foldfactory and The CMO Team are committed to sponsoring this annual study as part of a comprehensive effort to examine how print organizations are managing their marketing activities, and comparing year-to-year data to track changes and trends.” The CMO Team and Foldfactory plan to develop a group of established organizations across Canada and the U.S. who’ll participate in annual studies to uncover industry information and data that isn’t currently available to industry executives. Each year the survey will be modified to reflect the changing market, while continuing to capture updates to the original data. The goal is to continue this research on an ongoing basis by building a responsive group of participants who deliver reputable, sound information for the good of the industry. Study results will be made available exclusively to participating companies and may be shared with media outlets for articles relating to marketing in our industry. For more information, or to participate in the study as a qualified print organization, please contact Cindy Woods at


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.