How businesses can influence buying decisions using comprehensive visual communications

Drue Townsend.
Drue Townsend.

Here, Drue Townsend, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Fastsigns International, briefly reminds us about the impact of visual graphics in influencing consumers’ buying decisions – especially at this time of year.

 A key need for businesses during the holiday selling season is getting their message out. So it’s important to have a visual communications strategy that incorporates a variety of different types of signs and graphics, inside and out of your shop. This is one of the busiest times of year for many people, making it even more important for businesses to differentiate themselves and get noticed. Using custom visual communications can serve many purposes – including letting someone know your business exists, telling them how to find you, creating a unique in-shop experience, promoting products or services, and connecting with customers.”

A recent PwC 2017 Total Retail Survey found that 59% of consumers want an inviting ambiance when they shop and 78% still want a sales associate with a deep knowledge of your product and service range. To achieve this, Fastsigns recommends using a mix of permanent and temporary signage to attract buyers as well as educating your front-line employees. To create a welcoming environment, businesses can use branded interior décor graphics. For example, floor-to-ceiling wall murals can transform a space and can complement your décor. Window graphics can provide privacy, showcase a product or service and provide shade. Digital signage can communicate changing messages and offer engaging content in real time. Whether it’s digital boards or a table-top display, digital signs can enhance a potential buyers’ experience, keep them informed and even influence their purchasing decisions. To provide valuable information to buyers and employees, use signs and visual graphics to display product features and benefits, as well as to communicate holiday and promotional messages. Simply put, having a strategic visual communications plan helps businesses – especially during the busy holiday season and as they prepare for the New Year.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.