How implementing Customer Journey Mapping can significantly increase customer satisfaction

Quadient (formerly GMC Software) recently announced the results of a global study it commissioned from MyCustomer titled Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018. The study examines maturity and best practices in the process of delivering an exceptional customer experience. Customer Journey mapping (CJM) enables printers, companies and organizations to better understand and visualize customer interactions across different profiles, providing insights into how to streamline the customer experience throughout the important customer journey. The study surveyed customer experience professionals across North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, and focused on four key areas of CJM:

  1. The development of the practice
  2. Who owns Customer Journey Mapping in an organization
  3. Business tools that are necessary to complement Customer Journey Mapping
  4. How a company perceives its own success with Customer Journey Mapping

Key insights from the report include:

  • An increase in customer satisfaction was the most common benefit cited by 71% of respondents, followed by an increase in Net Promoter Score (53%), a drop in customer complaints (48%) and reduced customer ‘churn’ (i.e. turnover) (40%).
  • The majority (85%) of respondents using CJM reported positive to extremely positive results.
  • 32% of the organizations surveyed have been using CJM for a year or less.
  • 18% of CJM exercises have several contributors within an organization.

Two-thirds of respondents were currently using CJM. Interestingly, this proportion was consistent regardless of company size, refuting the notion that CJM is more prevalent in larger organizations. Almost all of the respondents that weren’t using CJM weren’t satisfied with current customer insights available to their businesses. Lack of understanding and awareness of CJM was found to be the most common barrier to adopting it. Other common obstacles included lack of appropriate technology, tools and the appropriate skills.

Scott Draeger.
Scott Draeger.

In spite of CJM being a relatively new discipline in most organizations, respondents reported almost universal success with CJM – with those who’ve been conducting a CJM strategy the longest reporting the greatest success. “The results of this research confirm that Customer Journey Mapping is an increasingly valuable process as organizations shift to a more customer-centric business model,” said Scott Draeger, Vice President of Product Marketing at Quadient. “Businesses now have to differentiate themselves by creating a superior customer experience across every touch point.” A complimentary download of Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018 can be accessed on Quadient’s website here.

About Quadient. Quadient (formerly GMC Software ) helps companies deliver meaningful interactions with current and potential customers. A Neopost Digital Company, the Quadient portfolio of technology enables organizations to create better experiences for their customers through timely, optimized, contextual, highly individualized and accurate communications for all channels. Its solutions can bring together and activate an entire organization in the name of improved customer experiences through better collaboration and visibility into the customer journey. Quadient supports thousands of clients and partners worldwide in the printing, financial services, insurance and service provider industries in their quest to achieve customer experience excellence via mobile, digital, social media and print technologies.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.