Actega unveils new MotionCoat UV coating that creates motion-like special effects

actegamotioncoat-inActega North America (Delran, NJ), a market leader in the innovation of specialty coatings and chemicals for the printing and packaging industries, has added MotionCoat to its specialty coatings’ portfolio. MotionCoat is a patent-pending UV coating system that, when used in conjunction with vector-based artwork, creates an “amazing motion-like image,” said the company. The new technology can be used in both flexographic and lithographic applications and became commercially available this month.

“We’re very proud to introduce this truly innovative UV coating system to the market, allowing our company to serve current and future customers in all areas of special-effect enhancement needs,” said Dennis Drummond, Head of Brand Owner Management at Actega North America. “MotionCoat will provide converters, designers and brand owners with the opportunity to implement a variety of eye-popping design elements into printing and packaging without the investment of specialized software or capital investments.”

actegamotioncoat1-inMotionCoat’s motion effect can be printed inline at normal press speeds, is 100% recyclable compared to other “motion-type” systems, can be used on both flexographic and lithographic print applications, has unique self-registration characteristics to create high-motion graphics, and provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, said the company.

Actega develops and produces specialty coatings, sealants, printing inks and adhesives for the rigid and flexible packaging and graphics arts industry, and is one of the largest suppliers of coatings in North America with multiple warehouses located throughout Canada and the United States.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.