New Touch7 plug-in lets users take advantage of extended colour gamut within images in seconds

touch7a-inTouch7, a new U.K.-based software company specializing in creating design tools for Adobe CC, and for designing in and separating artwork for ECG printing, is eliminating the manual masking required for utilizing extended colour gamut within an image. Developed to empower photographers, printers, designers and prepress personnel, Touch7 is an Extended Colour Gamut system for Adobe CC. Now, with one mouse click in seconds (versus doing it manually), users can eliminate the print time required for trial and error. Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) is one of the major issues in the printing industry today.

Mark Geeves.
Mark Geeves.

“The need for speed in print has always been there,” said Touch7 President Mark Geeves, who is also President of Color-Logic (West Chester, OH), and whose partner, Richard Ainge, founded Touch7. “Touch7 will pay for itself in processing just a few files, compared to the time it takes designers or pre-press experts to prepare an image today for utilizing extended colour gamut within images. You may know Color-Logic best for our sparkling metallic colour system, so when we invented our new product dedicated only to ECG printing, we thought it would be better to set up a completely separate company to avoid confusion.”

Touch7 is a Photoshop plug-in that uses an advanced colour separation algorithm to automatically separate up to three additional touch plates, with the resulting separations increasing the colour gamut of printed images. Touch7’s key benefits include:

  • Automatic ECG separation that targets and extracts only the ECG gamut areas from within an image.
  • No more masking – unless you want to! Skin tones and colours that are easily achievable out of CMYK are not affected by ECG inks.
  • Saves hours on image processing times compared to a manual masking, via simple one-click buttons that convert your photographic images in seconds.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.