Riso launches ComColor FW Series of “Business Inkjet” printers

Riso ComColor FW5230 colour inkjet printer.
Riso ComColor FW5230 Printer.

Riso’s U.S. release on June 15 of its latest advance in high-speed color printing – the ComColor FW Series – targets this new market segment. This is the fifth generation of cut-sheet, colour inkjet printers that the company has brought to market. The FW series is 33% slimmer than previous models due to an integrated facedown tray, and has a newly re-designed full-colour touchpanel that’s adjustable and customizable. Output is 120 pages per minute in full colour. The scanner has also been improved for office use, and can scan both sides of a document simultaneously at a rate of 100 pages per minute.

The new printer line, said the OEM, is designed to serve the requirements of the “Business Inkjet” market segment – those end users who require the high production speed and advanced capabilities that a Riso can provide, but don’t necessarily require the high volume output of a production printer.

ComColor inkjet printers utilize Riso’s exclusive Forcejet technology. This heatless imaging system requires no fusing during the printing process and has a short, straight paper path, enabling extremely high printing speeds in full colour, and a cold, flat and dry output that’s ideal for transitioning to finishing equipment.

risocomcolorfw1-inRiso Incorporated, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riso Kagaku Corporation, Japan’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-speed inkjet printers and digital duplicators.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.