Fujifilm Europe unveils Acuity 15 UV Flatbed Printer

Fujifilm Acuity 15 Printer.
Fujifilm Acuity 15 Printer.

The release of a new device in Fujifilm’s Acuity series, the Acuity 15 introductory model UV flatbed printer, matches the high quality produced by Fujifilm’s Acuity Select 20 and Select 30 series, but at a lower investment cost. Designed for light production, the Acuity 15 offers near-photographic image quality and print speeds of up to 23 square metres per hour. Much like the Acuity 20 and Acuity 30 series, it utilizes a platform that can print on rigid and flexible media up to 50.8 mm thick. The cost and specifications of the new Acuity 15 printer make it a suitable, high-quality introductory model to meet the low-volume and light production needs of commercial, graphic display and industrial printers. However, said Fujifilm, larger print service providers can also take advantage of the printer to offer proofs or show samples or prototypes to their customers, freeing up capacity on their larger flatbed printers.

“With the Acuity 15, Fujifilm is delighted to bring the benefits of its Acuity flatbed range to a much broader range of print service providers,” said Tudor Morgan, Segment Manager, Sign & Display, at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe. “Able to produce the same quality as our Select 20 and Select 30 ranges, the Acuity 15 provides a great investment opportunity for any print business looking to diversify. Whether for a full print job, a proof, or even as a way to get into printing thermoformed objects, it gives small and large print businesses alike the chance to offer their customers stunning, rigid and flexible prints on almost any surface.” The Acuity 15 is available now across the EMEA region with the Uvijet KN multi-purpose ink system or Uvijet KV thermoforming ink system, with both Uvijet ink ranges enabling CMYK and white-ink printing. At the time of posting of this article, the Acuity 15 was not available in Canada or the U.S. We’ll keep you up to date if that changes.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.