Ricoh unveils Pro C7200 sheetfed series with 5th-colour option

Ricoh Pro C7210 sheetfed press.
Ricoh’s new Pro C7210 wide-format sheetfed press.

Ricoh USA has announced the availability of a highly versatile sheetfed series that makes “unprecedented and unmatched colour printing affordable.” The Ricoh Pro C7200 series, featuring its Graphic Arts Edition and 5th-colour-station models, brings best-in-class price performance and predictability to most demanding production print environments, said the OEM. With inline sensors and calibration, these digital presses facilitate improved front-to-back registration and colour consistency without the need for lengthy, specialized training. The 5th colour station (C7210X and C7210SX) empowers printers to produce high-value, 5-colour applications “faster and more accurately while offering even greater media flexibility.” Additionally, new Invisible Red toner introduces even more ways to innovate by producing designs only visible under ultraviolet light – which are ideal for security features such as those found on tickets or coupons.

John Fulena.
John Fulena.

“When the Ricoh Pro C7100X series hit the market, it immediately changed the sheetfed colour landscape,” said John Fulena, Vice President of the Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh USA. “It brought these incredible, high-end capabilities – five-colour printing, synthetic and textured media, outstanding quality – to everyday, ‘main street’ printers. With the competition for attention at an all-time high, many printers need new ways to stand out without having to spend like the big guys. The Pro C7200 series is the only platform in its class that delivers the ability to produce unique applications with a 5th colour station, large format sheets up to 49.6 inches, and higher print speeds in a more intuitive and reliable platform. That’s what our customers asked for, and that’s what we delivered with the Ricoh Pro C7200 series.”

The series prints at 2,400 x 4,800 dpi VCSEL image quality with a large colour gamut without sacrificing speed or versatility. It offers 85-ppm models and 95-ppm models with auto-duplexing capabilities. Each has the option to print on paper lengths up to 49.6 inches simplex or 27.5 inches duplex, for users wishing to introduce larger-format colour printing into their portfolio. The platform can also print white and CMYK inks in a single pass “turning around the widest array of eye-catching applications in its class even faster.” Introducing further flexibility to handle substrates such as synthetics, window clings and rich linens, a specially designed 17-inch Smart Operation Panel allows users to intuitively browse and manage the Paper Library directly from the press. The larger panel also brings new job-management and workflow-management options directly to the device, while also offering seamless remote job management and monitoring.

As mentioned earlier, Invisible Red Toner (the latest addition to the suite of toners available for Ricoh five-colour presses) is invisible under regular circumstances, but under ultraviolet light it shows as a clear, distinguishable red. This “invisible” toner is ideal for adding security features to a variety of applications – from event tickets to sensitive documents to gamified signage. “With graphic design software readily available, counterfeiting can be a huge problem, but not every business can afford to go to the great expense of security holograms. In this way, the Invisible Red toner continues in the Ricoh-five-colour tradition of bringing high-end benefits at an accessible price point,” said the OEM.





Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.