Koenig & Bauer launches CorruCUT Sheetfed Flexo Press and Die Cutter

The CorruCUT is a sheetfed flexo press with integrated high board line rotary die-cutter.
Jeff Dietz.

Koenig & Bauer’s CorruCUT is a new sheetfed flexo press designed for direct printing on corrugated board. “Corrugated customers are seeking machines with faster set-up and more automation as well as tailor-made solutions for their specific environment,” said Jeff Dietz, Vice President of the Web & Specialty Press Division at Koenig & Bauer (U.S.). “Waste handling in the corrugated process is a big concern as is coluor consistency and repeatability for brands. We believe the new CorruCUT will satisfy the needs of printers who require high graphic corrugated printing and converting machines that are faster and more cost efficient to operate. Our CorruCUT flexo press will enable us to further consolidate our strong position in the growing packaging market.” The sheetfed flexo CorruCUT press, said the OEM, is designed with extremely robust mechanical engineering paired with maximum ease of operation and maintenance. Its strong durable side frames are made from cast iron poured to shape at 1300 °C at the foundry, which display almost no vibrations. It combines proven technology with modern electronics and intelligent automation, for a high-performance production tool “geared to all current demands of the corrugated industry.”

The CorruCUT incorporates a number of unique features such as a vacuum-belt feeder without infeed roller, a new solution for anilox roller exchange, and an overhead vacuum delivery. It handles corrugated sheets with a width of up to 110 inches and a thickness of 0.354 inches, running at speeds up to 12,000 sheets per hour. Koenig & Bauer engineers have designed it with DriveTronic shaftless drives that allow the demands of high precision multicolor flexo post-printing to be easily achieved. It allows operators to set up while production is running and affords fast job change and low-maintenance. It provides operators with integrated error diagnostics and online remote maintenance. Users control the machine with a flexible Profibus system and easy-to-use ergonomic touchscreen. Its open-architecture design permits access to the printing units for setup while the current production continues. Its production management system permits the saving of repeat jobs and the automatic presetting of job parameters. The integrated error diagnostics and online remote maintenance also surpass general standards.

Sheets are carried in exact register from the feeder, via the printing units to the rotary die-cutter by way of a continuous overhead vacuum transport system. The direct drive technology also allows the use of different printing plate thicknesses by compensating the circumferential speed of the cylinder. The CorruCUT printing units are fitted with the proven quick-clamp chamber blade system made from carbon fiber composite. The low volume of the chamber blade serves optimum ink transfer and minimal ink losses during washing. The ink supply and the automatic washing system are designed to achieve the best possible results with low water consumption and fast washing times.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.