Reeve & Co invests in new HP Designjet printer

ReeveInstall-lgKitchener, Ontario-based Reeve and Company has just invested in a new HP Designjet L25500 printer. The company, a provider of large format printing and display graphics delivers projects for customers like the University of Waterloo. The new printer was selected for its eco-friendliness, speed and quality.

Reeve and Company used its new HP Designjet and its water-based Latex Inks to develop collateral for the University of Waterloo’s re-brand and to create banners and drive-thru menu boards for Williams Fresh Cafe. Printed products produced with HP Latex inks have display permanence up to three years unlamented and up to five years laminated. They are scratch, smudge and water resistant.

“Before installing the HP Designjet L25500 Printer we avoided solvent-based printing for outdoor applications because it was hard on the environment and required proper ventilation for the production room – something our facility didn’t have the space to accommodate,” said Andrew Reeve, owner, Reeve and Company. “We would outsource this work which resulted in slow turn-around times for our customers.”

HP’s water-based Latex Inks are non-flammable and non-combustible. They also do not require hazard warning labels, and contain no hazardous air pollutants, so they do not require special ventilation equipment or external dryers.

“When HP released their Latex technology we jumped on it,” continued Reeve. “Now we’re able to turn jobs around in a day which is what our customers expect.”