New concept product: vanishing labels

FruitWashLabel-lgRumours of an interesting new concept product are circulating around the internet: FruitWash Labels. The brainchild of Amron Experimental Inc., these labels dissolve into organic fruit cleansing produce soap when washed. The labels can even be printed with price look-up codes and barcodes for accurate check-out.

Washing and rubbing the fruit with water triggers the transformation from label into soap. They are water resistant and can stand up to picky shoppers and check-out counters at the grocery store. But when they are dissolved, they turn into an organic fruit cleansing produce wash that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.

A great example of how a little thinking outside the box can open the door to a new printed product! Check out Amron Experimental’s website here for more intriguing concept products.