A new look for Transcontinental

Transcontinental-lg1Transcontinental has recently launched a new brand, logo and positioning: “TC. Transcontinental”. The company says its new brand reflects its comprehensive and integrated marketing communications offering, including print, media, digital, interactive and mobile.

“As our customers’ needs have evolved, so have we,” says Francois Olivier, president and CEO of TC. Transcontinental. “What customers rightly expect is proactivity, creativity, innovation, strategy, customization and market intelligence. Our new brand launch is a logical milestone in the disciplined roll-out of the development plan we began implementing in 2008 to strengthen our core operations and build new marketing communication services.”

Transcontinental-lg2In a recent news release, the company explained the deeper meaning behind the new brand image:
– the ‘T’ in the new ‘TC’ stands for technology
– the letter is bold and upright, symbolizing confidence and solidity
– the ‘C’ in the new ‘TC’ represents community
– the letter has a generous opening, signifying willingness to communicate
– the red dot from the former logo is transformed into a black one, representing the digital economy as well as the point of contact between the company and its customers.
– the logo itself is black or white, depending on context and usage
– the company will use colours to illustrate sub-brands

“This is as much about change as it is about continuity,” continues Olivier. “Printing, mixed with other platforms, is still the primary driver of marketing communications today. It remains the most efficient channel to drive traffic to the internet; new media perform best when associated with printing. Our expertise in these areas provides our clients with the best of both worlds by smartly combining the proven and the upcoming.”

Transcontinental-lg3TC. Transcontinental worked with two Montreal-based companies to develop the new brand: Cohesion Strategies, a consultancy specialized in brand strategy, and Bleublancrouge, an advertising and design agency.

The company’s website,, features a new video about its core company values, calling itself a “marketing activation company.”