drupa news: Heidelberg to unveil 18,000-sph press at the show

Speedmaster-lgdrupa is still a few months off yet, but some exciting news has popped up about what Heidelberg will be showing off at the 14-day event. The company will unveil its Speedmaster XL 105 press – which will feature speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour in perfecting mode.

Heidelberg says the press is aimed at printers who want to achieve lean production. “One Pass Productivity – once through the press is all it takes – coupled with maximum automation and optimum ease of use leads to cost-effective production and boosts competitiveness,” reads a news release from the company.

This faster press is boasting a productivity boost by up to 20 percent compared to the 15,000 sph Speedmaster XL 105-P. The company says the new model gives customers the opportunity to either ramp up production capacity without increasing personnel costs, or to streamline their existing machine park while retaining the same capacity levels for lower costs.

“The new Speedmaster XL 105 with a speed of 18,000 sheets per hour in perfecting mode is our response to market calls for lean production,” says Stephan Plenz, Member of the Management Board responsible for Heidelberg equipment. “We offer our customers precisely coordinated processes and products that deliver maximum productivity and can be integrated seamlessly into their workflow. Numerous discussions enabled us to identify aspects that give customers in this segment a further competitive edge and thus to develop an optimum solution.”

The press will be exhibited in the section of the drupa stand devoted to advertising printing under the banner of “HEI Productivity.” Delivery of the first presses from series production is scheduled for July 2012.