Xerox announces new mobile scanner

XeroxScanner-lgA new gadget from Xerox lets users scan and wirelessly share files instantly. The Xerox Mobile Scanner is small and cordless, and sends JPG and PDF files directly to computers as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices via Wi-Fi.

A news release from Xerox paints an interesting picture:
Your boss calls and asks you to send him a copy of a client proposal. The only copy you have is on paper, and you’re in the back of a taxi. Without needing a computer or even a power connection, you use the new Xerox Mobile Scanner to scan the proposal to a PDF file and wirelessly transfer it to your mobile phone. You then email it to your boss in seconds.

The Xerox Mobile Scanner looks pretty simple to use: press the power button, select a file format (PDF or JPG) and insert the document. The scanner’s patented AutoLaunch technology senses the page and begins scanning.

“The Mobile Scanner provides a quick, convenient way to scan and share documents when you’re on the go,” said John Capurso, VP of marketing at Visioneer, a Xerox licensing partner. “Untethering the scanner and adding Wi-Fi reflects Xerox’s drive to make life easier for the mobile worker.”

The scanner is battery powered and uses a free mobile app to connect wirelessly to almost any device (both Mac and PC), and even the Cloud. It will scan a colour letter-size sheet in 10 seconds at 300 dpi, and Xerox says the batter will last for over 300 scanned pages. The device will also scan documents as small as 2″ x 2″.

Xerox has priced the Scanner at $249.99, which includes a 4GB SD memory card, carrying case, rechargeable battery and charger. Its size is 2″ x 1.75″ x 11.5″.

Here’s a video from Xerox about the functionality of the Mobile Scanner:

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