Goss to showcase M-600 Press at drupa

Goss-M-600-PressThe latest-generation M-600 web press that Goss International will feature at drupa 2012 will include automation, operability and integration improvements that result in significant make-ready and waste reduction.

“With close to 2,500 printing units sold since 1992, it may be easy to mistake the M-600 for older technology, but that would be a major oversight,” says Goss International Product Manager Jean-Pierre Moioli. “We have chosen to display a new unit at drupa to showcase the extremely progressive automation, integration and ease-of-use features we have added to this press platform – as well as the reasons web printers continue to turn to the M-600 model for the most advanced print quality, flexibility and make-ready features available from a 16-page press.”

Wider formats – starting with the first Goss 24-page Sunday press, all the way up to the latest 96-page model – have shifted market demand dramatically. Still, the once-standard four-pages-across by two-pages-around format remains the best choice for many applications, markets and operations, according to Moioli. “Product possibilities as well as compatibility with existing presses and infrastructures are factors that continue to steer printers to the 16-page format. Operator experience, capital investment capabilities and the competitive landscape in some regions are also important considerations.”

These market demands have driven Goss International towards continuous investment in the M-600 platform, alongside its development of gapless Sunday presses and enabling technologies like Autoplate, DigiRail, Automatic Transfer and high-speed folders. Agility is everything, says company insists.