Heidelberg installs POLAR 66 Cutter at JB Deschamps

The Montreal plant of JB Deschamps Inc., a third-generation commercial printer headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec has installed a new POLAR 66 Cutter from Heidelberg.

The cutter was installed because the company’s digital division was seeing a substantial increase in volume. The company has over 200 employees and specializes in commercial and business-form printing. It has its own in-house prepress (computer graphics and CTP), binding and finishing departments.


JB Deschamps’ François Cockburn beside the POLAR 66 Cutter.

Its extensive variety of equipment and protocols allow the company to produce quality jobs in an extremely high-security environment. These include posters, brochures, catalogues, folders, books, stationary, pocket folders, annual reports, magazines and other periodicals.

The programmable hydraulic paper cutter is extremely easy to operate and has a 5.5″ monochrome display for common cutting work with a limited amount of jobs. Formats up to a diagonal of 670 mm (26 3/8 inches) can be easily handled and turned in the cutter. Cutting material with larger formats can be turned on the front table. The machine can store recurrent cutting sequences and repeat them automatically. Stored data can be changed and added at any time.

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