Sappi releases stunning special effects guide

Sappi Fine Paper North America has released The Standard Volume 5, Special Effects, a Sappi guide to print that illustrates how the printed page can offer a more dimensional, interactive and impactful experience – everything from laser die-cutting to 3-D effects.

A virtual encyclopedia of special printing effects, most of which are quite stunning, The Standard 5 showcases a wide range of unique techniques – everything from a phosphorescent UV coating on a key to augmented reality (AR) technology that turns a printed character into an animated superhero!

The Standard 5 features a wide range of foils, emboss/deboss, engraving and thermography, a variety of coating and varnish techniques, strike-through, laser die-cuts, thermochromagraphy, lenticular, flocking, microencapsulated scents, phosphorescent UV coating, QR codes and augmented reality. Although the clever techniques may look like magic, many are straightforward methods for designers to incorporate, and can be done inline on a conventional press.

Sappi client Gerald Richards, CEO of 826 National (a nonprofit organization with a network of eight U.S. writing and tutoring centers) recently commented: “Sappi Fine Paper North America shares our passion for inspiring creativity, and, taking this mission to heart, The Standard Volume 5 showcases the intriguing concepts of the 826 stores with visually enticing special effects. Through their incredible design and printing techniques, Sappi was able to make the imaginative spark behind each of our locations come to life on paper.”

sappi-lgGerald Richards, CEO of 826 National, with Patti Groh, Marketing Director, Sappi Fine Paper North America.

“The techniques demonstrated in Standard 5 show the innovative ways designers can make printing on paper a multisensory experience,” says Patti Groh, Marketing Director, Sappi Fine Paper North America. “Print communication offers unique advantages that are not achievable with digital. Print and digital each has its strengths but are increasingly becoming intertwined and mutually supportive.”

To illustrate that point, The Standard provides a dazzling example of augmented reality (AR) technology. Produced by Metaio software developer, the AR technology turns a printed character named “Super Dude” into an animated superhero when viewed on a mobile device or online.

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