Tony Langley confident in manroland’s future

manroland-lgAn investor has been approved for the sheetfed business of manroland AG.

The privately owned British engineering group Langley Holdings plc will take over manroland’s sheetfed printing equipment division, its production facilities (including all real estate in Offenbach, Germany), together with its international marketing organization in more than 40 countries.

Tony Langley, sole shareholder of the Langley Group, is well known as a savvy, long-term investor who acts strategically. “We foresee very good economic prospects for manroland sheetfed following the recent re-structuring,” said Langley.

“This is a world-class business with an excellent reputation and its production and research and development facilities are superb – everything one expects of the very best of German engineering.” Langley already operates two successful technology divisions in Germany in the field of capital equipment.

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