Company Folders now offering free Folder Design Templates weekly

Company Folders Inc. has announced a helpful new feature on its website – free folder design templates posted weekly at or Each pre-made template took hours, if not days, for its designers to meticulously craft. Graphic designers, especially those less familiar with printed folder design, can use these free templates to better serve their clients.

“Not all graphic artists have experience with the many intricacies of designing folders,” said Company Folders Founder and CEO Vladimir Gendelman (pictured previously). “And for those who often run short on time when juggling multiple projects, we’re offering a resource to rectify that.”

compnayfoldersfree-inDesigners can personalize the editable folder templates by inserting their own text or logo, or they can pull out photos, illustrations, or other design elements and effects for use in another design. They can also use each template as the inspiration or starting point for entirely unique artwork.

Design templates are added to the site on a weekly basis – both Photoshop-formatted and Illustrator-formatted. Each is categorized according to industry (such as real estate and travel/accommodation); design style (such as bold or conservative); and print/finishing method (such as CMYK printing or embossing).

“All of our folder templates use images and fonts that we purchased ourselves or are freely available,” said Gendelman. “This means that they’re already fully licensed for use by the designers and clients who print with Company Folders. We can also replace logos, add contact information, or make other minor changes to a template for our print customers at no extra cost.”

When browsing the selection of free design templates, users are encouraged to ask questions, provide suggestions and leave feedback. Those who have ideas for unique design templates that they’d like to see added to the collection may tweet them @CompanyFolders.