EFI unveils Jetrion high-res 4950LX LED Digital Label Printer

EFI Jetrion 4950LX Digital Label Printer.

EFI Jetrion 4950LX Digital Label Printer.

The EFI Jetrion 4950LX high-resolution LED Digital Label Printer brings higher resolution, faster throughput and full LED curing to the Jetrion 4900 product line of modular digital label printing systems. The new printer extends the capabilities of EFI’s digital label printing systems, allowing primary applications to produce a higher image quality of up to 720 x 720 dpi and finer, down to two-point text.

Its first-in-class advanced LED curing technology also enables thin and traditionally difficult stocks to be printed, increasing the overall flexibility of this machine for the production of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves – all while reducing costs via lower energy usage and significantly longer lamp life.

New finishing modules for the Jetrion 4900 product line include a varnish and lamination module and a new high-power laser cutter. The new finishing module extends the inline finishing options available on the machine. A new high-powered laser cutter – available in single-head (500W) or dual-head (1000W) configuration – provides speed, versatility and precision for label printers working at widths of 330 mm in a fast, integrated inline production system.