New pen/stylus made entirely of magnets hits Kickstarter crowd-funding site

polarpen-inBilled as “the world’s first pen made entirely out of rare earth magnets,” new Polar Pen creator/designer Andrew Gardner said the world’s first modular magnetic pen does not use glue, compression fitting or thread. When the magnets are removed, the pen can transform into a desk toy, stylus for touchscreen devices, a device for making circles, and even a business card holder with a contemporary twist. The pens are available in pure silver and 24-karat gold finishes.

As of September, the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter allowed Canadians to share their ideas with the world. Polar is Kickstarter’s first campaign to collect in Canadian dollars. Pledges can be made from all around the world, and Canada has a low dollar making the rewards “a bargain.” Gardner has included free international shipping for all the pledge product rewards.

The project video and details can be viewed at