Masterpiece Graphix releases four new substrates for HP Indigo

masterpiecehpindigo-inMasterpiece Graphix has created four new digital materials that have now been certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for HP Indigo presses. The four are: Revolution .010 White Rigid Matte/Matte Vinyl PVC; Revolution .010 Silver Matte/Matte Rigid PVC; Xquisite Platinum .010 White Synthetic Film; and Revolution .010 White Polyester.

The .010 White Rigid Matte/Matte Vinyl is durable and ideal for any application from financial cards to product information. The .010 Silver Matte/Matte Rigid PVC has the same durability with a “striking silver sheen” that brightens cards, signage and other applications.

Xquisite Platinum .010 White Synthetic Film is a aimed at tear-resistant items and credit cards and has high heat stability. The .010 White Polyester has extremely high heat resistance and “delivers top performance” in the printing of maps, books, menus and cards.

All of these substrates are recommended for superior runability, ink adhesion and blanket compatibility.

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