Adobe announces new Digital Publishing Suite for sales

Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Suite for Sales Enablement solution allows companies to produce and deploy sales apps quicker using a set of pre-tested sales enablement features in Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). The solution includes the expertise of Adobe Consulting to help companies swiftly build engaging apps from start to finish using enterprise-grade technology that has been proven in the field by some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Studies have shown that traditional approaches to training and sharing sales content can be costly and inefficient, and sales managers have few tools to help them coach effectively. So it’s important for sales teams to be able to share accurate, up-to-date insights and buying experiences with customers quickly and efficiently. Now available with its Sales Enablement solution, Adobe Consulting can build a “modern mobile sales enablement experience” for an organization at a known price using a predefined set of features that are common across sales apps. Adobe Consulting will also customize the app based on each user’s implementation. The new solution includes:

  • adobedps-inApp delivery using Adobe Consulting. Delivers sales enablement apps more quickly by having Adobe Consulting build your app from start to finish at a known price.
  • Use standard sales app features for quicker time to market. Empower your sales team to hit the ground running by using a set of standard sales enablement app features implemented by Adobe Consulting, including a branded user interface, user management and targeted content distribution.
  • On-the-fly content customization. Individual users can customize predefined sections of sales content while maintaining centralized control over the overall message and brand.
  • Training and best practices. Companies can ensure that their team has the publishing and analytics knowledge necessary to deploy and maintain sales enablement apps quickly, with training included.
  • Optional advanced customization. This goes beyond the standard sales enablement features with optional, extended customization – including advanced Adobe Analytics implementation, enhanced collateral “leave-behind” functionality, learning management system integration, and integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.