Ultimate TechnoGraphics updates Absolutely Imposing for Yosemite

Montreal-based imposition software leader Ultimate TechnoGraphics has released Absolutely Imposing 2.7 on Mac, updated to be compatible with the new iOS Yosemite platform. Absolutely Imposing is a popular imposition plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and provides “absolute simplicity” in creating booklets, organizing step-and-repeat jobs, cutting and stacking, creating perfect-bound books, producing multiple-ups and much more. Absolutely Imposing Version 2.7 is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The imposition software tool is ideal for entry-level needs. It opens a new PDF with the imposed job and leaves the original PDF open for you to compare and check. It includes:

  • ultimateabsolutely-inBinding: Perfect bound, saddle-stitch, cut & stack, step & repeat. Scheme: booklets, N-up book, duplex N-up and simplex N-up.
  • Marks: Cut folding, info ID, annotation, double cut, registration, page outline frame and paper delimiters for proofing. You can also have a text mark such as a slug line.
  • Orientation: Left, right, top or bottom.
  • Document sides: Single or double-sided.
  • Layouts: Includes a complete library of layouts.
  • PDF Box Choice: Choose which box to use – trim, crop or media – to help you ensure centering and bleed control.
  • Bleed, Scale and Adjustments: Options give you full control over bleed, automatic creep calculation based on paper thickness, page adjustment to shift your page and page scale.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.