Cron-Ecrm introduces new platesetter line to North America

The Cron Metal CTP System is now available in North America.
The Cron Metal CTP System.

Cron-Ecrm, a newly formed joint venture of China’s Hangzhou Cron Machinery & Electronics and Ecrm Imaging Systems, has announced the availability in North America of the partnership’s new platesetter family. The systems offer “unmatched versatility” while maintaining up to 400 lpi with 1,200-dpi to 3,600-dpi resolution. Each system enables users to tailor the speed, automation features and imaging head preference (UV or thermal) to their specific production requirements.

In addition to choices of imaging heads, Cron-Ecrm also enables users to select productivity requirements by modifying the number of imaging diodes. Beginning with 16 diodes (in five different configurations), users can choose up to 96 diodes. The more diodes, the faster the system images plates. By utilizing individual fibre-coupled diodes, users are ensured of consistency and “will not face lost production in the event of a laser failure.”

Users can also select their own level of automation. The new platesetters can be configured for manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic operation (single or multiple cassette), as well as online with an optional inline punching system. The company offers an in-field upgrade path for your level-of-automation preferences.

“The prime objective of Cron-Ecrm is to offer solutions that best fit each customer’s productivity needs with the platesetting solution we deliver,” said Rick Black, President and CEO, Cron-Ecrm. “By providing the market with selective feature options that better match each customer’s critical buying criteria, we can ensure greater user satisfaction while making sure that users are only paying for the solution they really need.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.