Agfa Graphics to release Fortuna 9 security printing design software

Agfa Graphics Fortuna 9 Geometrics Module generates space-filling curves.
Agfa Graphics Fortuna 9 Geometrics Module generates space-filling curves.

The new Fortuna 9 design software for high-end security printing has updated tools and new security modules that focus on productivity and ease-of-use for those who require high-security printing designs for passports, ID documents, high-security cards, tax stamps, security documents, lottery tickets and more. It’s an advanced security design software with integrated security features that offers a highly secure file format. Fortuna 9 takes a modular approach – so customers can choose various security features out of several that fit the needs of the security designer or printer. It also employs new methods to create security designs in a more automated way to help achieve time savings and added quality. These new methods focus on outputting high-quality and complex images to help deter and stop counterfeiters.

agfafortuna1-in“All of these elements are important to our customers and potential customers as there is a need to create security designs more quickly than ever before. It’s critically important for security design tools to stay ahead of the counterfeiters that are out there,” said Andy Grant, Global Head of Software, Agfa Graphics. “Agfa continues to research new security design tools to reduce threats to security and at the same time adapt the software to increase design productivity. We’re currently also developing very particular software and features for the high-security market and for the general security applications,” Grant added.

Fortuna 9 is based on more than 20 years’ experience in high-security design. Its Geometrics Module is a completely new tool that simply and quickly generates space-filling curves. Fortuna 9 also includes a completely new font management tool with support for Open Type fonts and TrueType fonts. Its Smart Selection option now allows specific objects to be selected more easily and the software adds improved handling for high-resolution images and raw text. Fortuna 9 will be available at the end of the second quarter of 2015.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.