Bard Business Solutions celebrates 20th Anniversary this year

J. Stephen Bard, President of Bard Business Solutions.
J. Stephen Bard, President of Bard Business Solutions headquartered in Toronto.

For over 20 years, Bard Business Solutions of Toronto has provided management software products specifically designed for various segments of the printing industry. The technology allows users to organize and manage their complete shop processes from one efficient and easy-to-use program. The result is working better and smarter as a team, eliminating duplication and reducing costly errors and downtime by seamless information sharing.

“We provide solutions to companies who need the accurate processing of information through the implementation of customized databases,” said President J. Stephen Bard. “Our clients enter data once and use it many times. Error-prone paper processes are eliminated and you can organize, manage and speed up your complete shop process – from estimates to production to invoices – from one program while keeping in touch with clients and attracting new business. All of our products come bundled with FileMaker Pro 13 software and our programs operate on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, and iPhone and iPad OS,” he added.

Bard’s six customized database software programs were created to help graphic arts professionals in very specific industry sectors. They include:

  • bard20thanniversary1-inGraphics Manager for offset, large-format and digital printers
  • Enterprise Manager for large-format and digital printers
  • Digital Print Manager for quick printers, digital printers and binderies
  • Graphics Express for print brokers
  • Magazine Manager for trade publishers, consumer magazines and newspapers
  • Publishing Manager for book publishers

Online slideshow demonstrations and PDF brochures are available at or e-mail


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.