4over’s Zarik Megerdichian creates new media sharing service ArtArena

artarena1-inThe new media-sharing service called ArtArena allows you to buy, sell and share your media with fellow ArtArena members and guests. Characterized as “more than just a stock photography site”, the new website and app gives contributors a 70% commission on everything they sell – the highest in the industry. “Others may offer just 30% or less,” said the company. In addition, contributors have the freedom to price their own art. They can match ArtArena’s 99¢ stock-photo price, or choose a price of their own. It’s up to the contributor.

ArtArena founder Zarik Megerdichian.
ArtArena founder Zarik Megerdichian.

“One of the primary benefits of ArtArena is that the majority of the revenue goes back to the artist,” said founder Zarik Megerdichian. Megerdichian is also the founder and CEO of 4over – a hugely successful online printing and trade printing company. “I wanted to bring the same innovation and accessibility to the stock photo industry that I brought to print,” he added. “ArtArena is easy to use, and people all over the world have access – so your photos are seen by millions. The site also offers full API connectivity, so web-to-print businesses can add ArtArena’s content to their own sites. This is an industry first.”

ArtArena’s extensive media library has millions of high-resolution stock images, with 6 million costing just 99¢ in any size. Creatives are signing up daily and contributing, so the site is growing rapidly, said Megerdichian. With an ArtArena account, users each receive 2 gigs of personal space where they can store images privately, sharing only with family and friends if they choose, or they can keep them public. Content contributors will have a full bio page that they can link to their own website, in turn helping to gain new customers every day. The app is easily accessible from most handheld devices, so anyone with a smartphone can share or purchase photos and videos, taking full advantage of the site’s features and functions while on the go.

For more information please visit www.artarena.com.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.