CPrint Academy adds online testing to its print training programs

cprintacademy1-inCPrint Academy has now added quizzes and testing to its collection of online print-industry-specific training programs. The enhanced program will give small printing companies an inexpensive way to provide employee training in the issues they deal with every day. The first online training site deals specifically with printing knowledge and customer relations training for workers in small-format offset and digital print shops. It offers courses on such topics as customer service, paper, type, prepress, pricing and other everyday issues. Print shop owners and supervisors can now monitor an employee’s ongoing training progress, or easily test prospective employees on their print knowledge during the pre-employment interview process. CPrint International is a consulting and training program that provides coaching services in management, finance, production, organization and sales for the quick and small commercial printers in addition to online training in those same topics. Its programs serve the printing industry throughout Canada and the U.S.

Tom Crouser, Chairman of CPrint International.
Tom Crouser, Chairman of CPrint International.

According to Tom Crouser, Chairman of CPrint International, the new feedback and testing system is the latest innovation in the Academy’s online training system for print workers. “Most of the currently available online employee training is too generic and doesn’t meet the specific needs of a print shop employee,” he said. “CPrint Academy is built around the topics and issues found daily in a print shop environment. We know that having a better trained employee will give a print company a competitive advantage and a more productive employee.” The quizzes attached to each core module allow users to see what they know before or after attending a class. Quizzes may be taken as many times as desired as scores aren’t recorded. Learners can use the quizzes to review the more basic programs and, if they pass, move on to other topics so they’re not wasting time.

Testing is available so trainees can demonstrate their knowledge level on a specific subject – and the results are sent to the owners. Unlike traditional programs, novices are not required to attend classes at CPrint Academy, explained Crouser. A participant may take a proficiency test at any time without having viewed a class or taken a quiz. “Testing is very important in the pre-employment process,” noted Crouser. “A bad hire can cost a company time and money, especially if the prospect misrepresented his or her skill level. Owners may sign into their account, open up the test section and allow as many applicants to test as needed – all for one low, yearly subscription.”

The Academy is also unique in its closed-loop system of testing that keeps the owner or supervisor informed of a worker’s progress. Workers may be assigned a module of training classes and given a completion time or not. All the owner or supervisor has to do is to monitor the time line and watch their email as test results are returned to them (and not the trainee). This allows the supervisor to see how well the trainee has done. Additionally, trainees at CPrint Academy are delivered a workday learning message each morning via email that reinforces a training objective, as well as a link to obtain further information in most messages. The emails also provide managers a pathway to creative training opportunities each day by discussing the topics and how they relate to the print shop’s operations.

CPrint Academy is open to individual printing companies in Canada and the U.S. and can accommodate as many users as desired within a company’s location. To sign up or review the type of courses available, please visit www.cprintalliance.com.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.