Smith Micro launches Anime Studio Pro 11

animestudio11-inSmith Micro Software’s latest version of its award-winning 2D animation software, Anime Studio Pro 11, includes “new features that serious animators will find invaluable.” They include:

  • Frame-by-frame animation capabilities in addition to its Smart Bone animation system that sets up bones as control dials. Now, users can choose either method to suit their workflow or style preference – or use a combination of both.
  • Layer Referencing allows animators to duplicate layers while maintaining a connection to the original. This enables collaborators to work simultaneously while easily updating changes into respective stages of the pipeline.
  • Animated Shape Order lets users easily change the layer order of shapes within a single vector layer over time, thus eliminating the need for multiple layers. This gives greater control in character construction and interaction during animation.
  • The technology works with vector-based art for maximum control and scalability
  • FBX support allows for fast and easy import to Unity game engine
  • Edits motion curves directly – instead of relying on tweening
  • Imports or records audio and automatically lip-synchs to characters
  • Wacom Multi-Touch support

Also, with the addition of FBX export capabilities in version 10, users can now export “fully animated content with more realistic and fluid movements”, along with the more traditional images for sprites.

Anime Studio is an award-winning 2D animation software used in the production of short and feature-length films, television shows, advertising, music videos, educational materials and more.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.

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