Agfa Graphics adds Arziro security Design Tool to its software portfolio

Arziro artwork integrates in the original design while creating complex artwork for security printing.
Arziro artwork integrates in the original design while creating complex artwork for security printing.

A state-of-the-art plugin for Adobe Illustrator is the latest addition to the software portfolio from Agfa Graphics, offering an anti-counterfeit design solution for general-security printing and personalization. Inspired by Fortuna, Agfa Graphics’ design software for the high-security print market, Arziro Design can create extremely complex security patterns in seconds for general-security print applications. It’s also easy to use, running on a standard Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 System for Mac and Windows.

“The counterfeiting epidemic has caused many companies to rethink their manufacturing strategies and improve their technology so they can more effectively stay ahead of the pirates and prevent further financial losses,” said Andy Grant, Global Head of Software, Agfa Graphics. “Inferior products in the marketplace create problems for respected brands and the economy. We developed Arziro Design in response to the growth of those threats.”

Arziro Design was created for general-security printers and designers in brand protection, and for those who feel the need for protection against counterfeiting and “digifeiting.” The software is ideal for companies involved in the design and production of packaging and labels, tickets and coupons, tax stamps, post stamps, company access cards, bank cards, and general document security – such as breeder documents, certificates or diplomas. Because of its seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator, designers have access to a wide collection of design modules and tools in their known environment. Arziro Design helps create complex artwork designs that end up as true Adobe Illustrator elements. It’s also possible to ‘enrich’ existing creations with security design elements from Arziro or to modify the Arziro creations by altering the pre-defined design parameters in the actual plug-in itself.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.