HP releases Sprout 3D technology in select Canadian Staples stores

HP's new Sprout 3D Platform.
HP’s new Sprout 3D Platform allows the design and creation of 3D objects..

In the fall of 2015, HP announced that its new Sprout technology, a “first-of-its-kind” Immersive Computing platform enabling users to take physical items and seamlessly merge them into a digital workspace, would be released in mid-2015. On June 11, Sprout became available in select Staples stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and online across Canada. Sprout’s “breakthrough” platform is characterized as the first fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution that provides a simple, quick and affordable way to create 3D content. This solution consists of Sprout with its Intel Real Sense 3D cameras, proprietary HP 3D Capture Stage and unique 3D capture software.

“Sprout, HP’s onramp to its ‘Blended Reality’ strategy, is the first step on our mission to deliver truly immersive experiences,” said Eric Monsef, Highly Immersive Systems, HP. “The innovative 3D Capture solution uniquely allows users to easily capture any object in 3D that can then be further modified, shared and printed.”

hpsprout1-inThe 3D Capture Stage accessory is a turntable that serves as a platform for the objects being scanned. It automatically tilts 15-degrees while turning, to ensure all aspects of the object are captured. With just a few button taps, the new 3D Capture application works with Sprout’s technology to create a full 3D digital model that can be manipulated. 3D Capture is being introduced as a free upgrade to HP’s current 3D Snapshot software, which captures one side of the object.

The next automated update of the Sprout software will include a free version of the 3D scanning application that takes full advantage of the Sprout hardware. Until now, the physical and digital worlds have largely been separated and digital creation has remained in 2D. This new scanning application will allow capture of objects in full 3D, said HP. Sprout users can share 3D objects with a feature that lets others view and manipulate them in an online 3D viewer (where they can rotate or re-size an object to see multiple perspectives). Users can share via email, post to Facebook or other social sites. HP is also working with Dremel to provide an end-to-end, scan-to-print solution with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer. Additionally, HP is currently partnering with printers to provide an easy way to order 3D prints for delivery by mail.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.