LED UV drying option for Manroland’s Roland 700 Evolution Press claims significant energy savings

Manroland Sheetfed LED-UV Dryer.
Manroland Sheetfed LED-UV Dryer.

The energy-saving LED UV drying technology option supplied with the Roland 700 Evolution Sheetfed Press offers many benefits for printers, enabling more vibrant colour and higher levels of productivity on a wide range of substrates, along with significant cost and environmental benefits and greatly increased viability for short-run printing, said the company recently. The OEM added that LED technology provides instant drying on paper, synthetics or metalized stocks. And because the technology eliminates the need for spray powder, it also offers significant environmental benefits.

“LED power and control units are compact and energy efficient, needing only 50% – 70% of the power required by LEC-UV, and 20% – 30% of the power required by typically UV equipment, while occupying a significantly smaller footprint,” said Manroland Sheetfed. “These are completely integrated into press functionality, and segmentation of power output delivers further savings.”

Roland 700 Evolution Press.
Roland 700 Evolution Sheetfed Press.

LED drying also does away with marking issues on the press and combines higher colour brilliance with more sharpness without protective coatings. And because the LED process generates light with no heat, presses can operate with low pile temperatures with no sheet curling or other registration issues.

“The advantages of LED technology for the Roland 700 Evolution are threefold; higher print quality than we could ever have believed possible along with significant energy reduction and instant post-production processing – to deliver significant efficiency benefits for our customers,” said Stefan Finger, Manroland Head of Research & Development. LED technology can be specified on the majority of Roland sheetfed formats, whether new or retrofitted.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.