Roland DG launches guide to optimized dye-sublimation printing

rolanddyesubguide1-inFollowing the launch of Roland DG’s Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer and Texart CS-64 Calender Unit, the UK-based digital wide-format manufacturer has now launched a helpful guide to dye-sublimation technology and the many business opportunities it presents for commercial printers. “Whether a company is new to the print industry, unfamiliar with the technology or is looking for tips to maximize its current investment, Roland DG’s Dye Sublimation Guide with Digital Inkjet is a comprehensive resource that provides a succinct and inspirational overview of this fast-growing and exciting market,” said the company.

The guide contains:

  • An introduction to the dye-sublimation process, the technologies harnessing its capabilities and what it means for users in specific markets.
  • Application possibilities in several creative sectors – from soft signage and rigid surfaces to interior décor and fashion.
  • Software and other complementary technologies driving its current development.
  • Inspirational user stories .
Darren Penny, Head of Sales, Roland DG (UK & Ireland).
Darren Penny, Head of Sales, Roland DG (UK & Ireland).

“There’s a lot of untapped business potential in the dye-sublimation printing market and we want to help our customers to capitalize on the opportunities within it,” said Darren Penny, Head of Sales, Roland DG (UK & Ireland). “While the Texart RT-640 facilitates the production of highly imaginative and creative applications, this guide serves an introduction into the theory and methodology behind it all. The development of the Texart RT-640 and Texart CS-64, our calender heat-transfer system, was the result of years of R&D into the dye-sublimation market by Roland DG, and we’ve distilled our key findings and observations into this free-of-charge resource tool.”

To request a free-of-charge copy of Roland DG’s Dye Sublimation Guide with Digital Inkjet, available either as a digital PDF or physical copy, please visit:


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.