Ryerson University’s Sylvia Ma wins Sinapse Print Simulators’ SHOTS North American Print Skills Contest

sinapsecontestwinner2-inFor the last several months, contestants across Canada and the U.S. have been solving production problems on the Sinapse SHOTS Sheetfed Simulator that integrates a Heidelberg Speedmaster user interface. Contestants see the problems, analyze the possible causes, decide how to solve the problems, and then see the results and costs of their actions (or inactions). The contest was open to all International Circle members, graphic communication printers and schools across North America – and the simulator was supplied by download.

Sylvia Xiaoying Ma.
Sylvia Xiaoying Ma.

Sunny Turner from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, and Sylvia Xiaoying Ma from the Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Course at Toronto’s Ryerson University, competed over the internet in front of conference participants who could follow the competition on large screens – with Jim Workman from the Printing Industries of America (PIA) commenting during the event.

The final round of the contest (co-sponsored by Sinapse, PIA, Calpoly, International Circle, GCEA and Print ED) took place at California Polytechnic State University July 8 during the International Circle Conference. The Sinapse simulator and its Heidelberg Speedmaster interface is used alongside Heidelberg presses at Worldskills events across the globe.

The students’ task was to solve four sets of print problems that each had a strict 10-minute time limit. The eventual winner was chosen on the basis of best quality and optimum productivity (simulated time and waste). Exercises became more difficult to solve with each set and concerned registration, inking, blankets and various mechanical issues.

Sunny Turner.
Sunny Turner.

The final score was one point for the USA and three points for Canada, with Sylvia Xiaoying Ma of Ryerson University coming out on top. Graphic Arts Magazine would like to congratulate Sunny and Sylvia on their hard work and outstanding results.

Sinapse Print Simulators (Saint-Aubin, France) is the world’s leading supplier of print training simulators for flexo, gravure and offset presses. The company’s ongoing worldwide competitions – including results, evaluations and new exercises – are coordinated through a cloud-based interface.

Its Print Simulators completely simulate the running of a printing press, reproducing a wide variety of printing conditions and problems that can be used for training, skills assessment, performance enhancement and process analysis. Simulation can also be used to familiarize other staff with the printing process, improve teamwork and increase process efficiency. The company’s simulators are available for major printing processes.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.