Newly released Avanti Slingshot modules earn two Must See’Em Awards

Patrick Bolan, President and CEO of Avanti.
Patrick Bolan, President and CEO of Avanti.

Toronto-based Avanti Computer Systems, a leading provider of Print MIS solutions, has announced that its two newest Avanti Slingshot modules have received prestigious Must See’Em Awards in conjunction with Graph Expo 15, the industry’s largest North American printing industry trade show set for September 13-16 in Chicago. Both modules – Grand Format Estimating and Automated Press Sheet Optimizer – are now commercially available. “Our customers have always been the driving force behind Avanti Slingshot’s product development, and this recognition belongs to them as well,” said Patrick Bolan, President and CEO of Avanti Systems. “It’s an honour to be recognized for our innovation, advancement and contribution to the graphic communications industry.”

Avanti Slingshot’s latest release addresses two major “gaps” in the print industry today – namely Grand Format and Gang-run estimating which have traditionally required years of experience in both estimating and production planning to properly manage. Avanti Slingshot’s Grand Format Estimating takes into consideration unique imposition/layouts (number across/number along), material requirements, edge sealing, grommet placement, ink coverage, square inch/feet calculations, and substrate utilization to optimize workflow. It accounts for all aspects of the process – including tiling, handling multiple rolls across the bed, ganging and logistics (e.g. finishing, assembly, installation and multi-location shipping).

avantimustseeems1-inAvanti Slingshot’s rules-based Automated Press Sheet Optimizer automatically processes ganging criteria and calculates the optimal layout for an estimate and sales order. Taking into account specifications of the press and substrate, details for the gang run (plates, ink, substrate and press calculations) are then determined. Handling all of the complexities of single form and multi-form, versioning, combination jobs and envelopes, the technology calculates and displays the number up of each item on the gang sheet and then shares that information throughout the entire Avanti Slingshot system – driving production planning, scheduling and most importantly, job costing.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.