Objex Unlimited appointed resellers of Mark One 3D Printer

The Mark One 3D Printer.
The Mark One 3D Printer from MarkForged.

Toronto-based 3D printing studio Objex Unlimited has been selected as a certified reseller of the MarkForged Mark One, the world’s first and only Carbon Fibre 3D Printer. The device is noted for its 3D printing of exceptionally strong parts. It utilizes 6061-T6 aluminum to output durable and dependable CNC parts. It prints nylon as a base material, and then reinforces the print with either carbon fibre, Kevlar or Fiberglass. Parts reinforced with fibre are traditionally up to 30 times stronger and 30 times stiffer than ABS plastic parts.

The 3D printer is ideal for several applications including custom fixtures (ready the next day) and parts with a hard core and smooth non-abrasive shell. Also, the printed parts can replace most aluminum machined parts. Embed electronics, RFID tags and other technologies can be put directly into your 3D prints. Full-service 3D Printing Studio Objex Unlimited provides 3D printing equipment and design, scanning, data optimization, technical expertise and more.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.