New PrintPlanet/Enfocus Whitepaper examines publishing production and workflow challenges and solutions

enfocusppwhitepaper-inEnfocus Software and have released a new whitepaper about workflow automation. Printers who produce publications such as newspapers, magazines, directories, catalogues and more face substantial production challenges, often involving the management of ads and other content produced by third parties. Myriad file formats, varying degrees of print design skill on the part of clients, and other issues can create massive bottlenecks and impede production. This is especially the case in today’s newspaper printing environments, where printers and publishers struggle to produce a variety of local papers from a centralized production facility. Not only does editorial content for each edition need to be effectively managed, but hundreds of different ad files need to be correctly routed, preflighted, often fixed, and eventually made print-ready. If these are daily newspapers, streamlining and automating these production processes is especially time-sensitive and of crucial importance.

Whitepaper author Richard Romano.
Whitepaper author Richard Romano.

The new whitepaper, Read All About It! Changes in Publication Production Call for New Solutions by renowned industry analyst and author Richard Romano and sponsored by Enfocus Software, details the changes in the newspaper printing and publishing industry, identifies the “pain points” of newspaper and publication production, and offers potential solutions. As in many sctors of the printing industry today, automating as much of the workflow as possible has become a necessity for just about any successful printing company. Automation can help newspaper printers – or producers of any publication – manage all the digital assets that are received, link to ad-booking systems, preflight ads based on their booking specifications, convert various file formats to print-ready PDFs, and even integrate with third-party page pairing, ink saving and cross-media applications.

The whitepaper evaluates the current landscape of today’s newspaper printing and publishing industries and identifies software solutions. It’s now available for download at


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.