CPEIA teams with industry partners to offer Canada’s first training course for printable, flexible electronics

cpeiatrainingcourse-inThe Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) has teamed up with the Printability and Graphic Communications Institute (ICI) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) to teach the fundamentals of printable and flexible electronics (PE). Through a three-day course, participants will receive high-value, hands-on learning about the design, processes and materials for new product development. This training is a must-have starting point for those who want to get started with PE and learn the fundamentals, said the CPEIA. The training program is part of the CPEIA’s Technical Program that focuses on the processes, materials and technical standards crucial to new product development, how to address market opportunities in various end-user verticals, and how to take advantage of funding and R&D programs that support commercialization in Canada.

Peter Kallai.
Peter Kallai.

“This training was developed in response to the broader industry’s interest in adding PE to their product development toolkits for a number of vertical markets – such as packaging, intelligent homes and health care,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of the CPEIA. “Smart features created with printable and flexible electronics can power the Internet of Everything. Products can be enabled, at a low cost and in high volume, to interact through the Internet with consumers, brand owners and other members of the supply chain.”

The Training Program is open to anyone. CPEIA Members, as well as members of Impression 2020, will receive a 10% discount. To review the course curriculum please visit http://cpeia-acei.ca/training/.

André Dion.
Andre Dion.

“This kind of practical industry training into the fundamentals of creating PE components has never before been available in Canada,” said Andre Dion, CEO of ICI. “In partnership with the CPEIA and the NRC, we will help build the widespread technical expertise required to advance the adoption and commercialization of these technologies by Canadian industry.”

The Training Program is ideal for those who:

  • Want to learn how to design value-added features and new applications using PE.
  • Need to know what is available and feasible in sub-components, substrates, inks, manufacturing processes and resources to create new products, features and applications.
  • Work in a related field and need to fast-track to have the knowledge to develop in PE.
  • Don’t currently use PE in your products or manufacturing processes, but would like to do so.

Course registration

Spots are available for the first course, scheduled for May 3-5, 2016. The course will take place at ICI, 999 Emile-journault Avenue East, Montreal, Quebcec. Cost is $2,995 (CDN) per person plus taxes. Courses are available in both French and English. Standard enrollment is two teams of five participants for each course. Custom corporate training and corporate training packages are available on other dates. For more information, or to register, please contact ICI at information@i-ci.ca.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.